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Dirt and grime appear anywhere and everywhere, including on your roof and the siding of your house. Mold can accumulate between the bricks or pavers on your porch and driveway, and on the deck and patio. The solution to each of these problems is Soft Washing & or pressure washing, but which pressure cleaning technique do you choose?

The Right Pressure Washing Method  For The Right Surface

The power washing method and the soft washing method both use a combination of pressurized water and cleaning detergents to clean a surface. The difference of course is that power washing relies on higher pressure, and soft washing uses lower pressure. Both methods are effective, but for different surfaces and different types of stains. The key to a great pressure washing job is understanding which method works on which surface,

Power Washing Basics
The power washing technique uses high pressure to achieve its clean. In this method, the pressure washing wand expels water at a PSI (pounds per square inch) of 2500 or more, which is great for getting most stains out of concrete and other extremely hard surfaces, such as brick, concrete, and most types of stone. We strongly recommend using power washing only on these areas of your home:concrete driveway, sidewalk, and walkway patio pavers

Soft Washing Basics
The soft wash technique uses a softer pressure, usually less than 1000 PSI, and relies instead on the right detergents and the proper dwell times to get a surface clean. The “dwell time” refers to the length of time a cleaning solution or detergent needs to remain on a surface in order for the chemicals to effectively loosen and remove the stains, grime, and debris. After the appropriate dwell time has passed, the surface is thoroughly rinsed with low pressure, leaving behind a clean, smooth surface. Soft washing is safe and effective on all surfaces, and indeed, should be the only pressure washing method applied to most areas of your home.

We strongly recommend using the soft washing technique on these areas of your home: cedar shake and wood panel siding wood fences and decks stucco and coquina screens, screened enclosures, and  lanais

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